China LCD panel is ranked in first in the world

time:2016-06-18 13:38 Edit:Junye

    October 27,2015, It is reported that Chinese companyes increased the output of LCD panels applied in for the Flat Panel TV, intelligent phones etc.. BOE Technology Group and other 4 Chinese LCD manufacturers plan to build 7 large factories in china. The total investment will reach 3 trillion yen for 3 years. It is estimated that the annual capacity of Chinese mainland LCD panel will surpass South Korea in 2018, ranking first in the world. Because the LCD panel quotation has the tendency to decrease, the manufacturers of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are extremely urgent to adjust their policies. And the touch screen manufacturer of small-medium companies are no exception.

     Although Japanese companies are the representative of theLCD panel  manufacturers. However, South Korean companies have occupied a higher proportion since 2000. Chinese companies that have established basic skills plan to incresase facility investment. According to the area calculated of glass panel, the capacity of Chinese companies will surpass that of Taiwan in 2017. It is estimated that China will catch up with South Korea in 2018, ranking first in the world.

    Our company purchased full set environmentally-friendly dust-free workshop, advanced production equipment, precise inspection instruments and other hardware devices. Companies strictly carry out the ISO9001:2008 standard, the ERP system will be launched in 2011. The company will carry out "7S" production process, producing capacitive touch screen of high standard, high quality and high skill. Our company started from resistive touch screen in 2005. In order to meet the market demand, we add investment to  transform from resistive screen technology to establish capacitive touch screen team of R & D, expanding plant covers to 12000 square meters, having a staff of more than 500 people, monthly production capacity reaches 1.5 million. The products mainly are applied in the precision instruments, high-end industry, large size touch screen, medical touch control, vehicle touch screen, smart home, mobile devices and other electronic products.

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