Touch screen suppliers need to treat the depressed flat shop

time:2016-06-17 17:06 Edit:admin

    According to the investigation of market research institute, flat shopping mall become depressed and the whole atmosphere of market decrease. Touch screen suppliers need to be cautious and the decision of manufacturers is not strong. Even though there is stock in peak season, Windows 10 influence and 4G contract machine market growth, the estimated shipment of global tablet PC in the third quarter of 2015 will reduce 15% compared to the corresponding period of 2015 sometime. It is 51,88 million sets. In the meantime, the base period in the second quarter is comparatively low concerning no brand industry because of the lower base of the second quarter, it is expected to increase in the third quarter, the shipment is expected to reach 19,3 million sets, the growth is 15% compared to the second quarter. As for the iPad, Apple in the third  quarter will reduce product line and extends product life cycle, ipad Mini and iPad mini3 will withdraw from the market. iPad MacBook Air series will not show new atmosphere. 12.85 inch iPad has a small production, making the shipment of iPad in the third quarter only 1000 million sets, reduced 2% compared to the corresponding period of 2014.
    The above data and the future depressed tablet shopping malls results in the reduction of touch screen order. Junye touch screen manufacturer pays attention to the innovation of the market  and the dynamics of vocation. The depressed shopping mall affect LCD, industrial touch screen, car touch screen and other revelant commodity will reduce.

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