Junye large size touch screen

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      Dongguan Junye Electronic Science and technology of 10 years to produce in large size touch screen, R & D, sale. Commodity technology to the ultimate, shopping malls share is constantly increasing. From the unknown of a capacitive touch screen electronic company fast breakdown positioning bigger size touch screen. And set all the strength of the company. New large scale touch screen shopping malls are mainly distributed in the commercial chain stores, corporate meetings, education, government inquiry. The company has always insisted on the speed, cost, quality and service center values, Pingzhang years of occupational exposure in the heap, a set of skills and capital, a significant competitive advantage in touch research skills, board planning, system integration, cost control, software development and industrial planning, with strong software and hardware development team, improve the technical services and after-sales system. Production of large scale contact screen, cast into the education market.
Lei Jun also said a word, focus, extreme, reputation, fast.
As long as the focus on the ability to quickly expand, do strong, to quickly occupy the share of market share. The company has a shopping mall, there is money, so it is very agile. Regardless of the formulation of the strategy, from the performance of the process, are doing very well. There is such a word, a lot of companies do not do, it is only to seek the son does not seek potential. To seek a potential strategy is to have a strategy, a long way to go, there will always be a day to go; no strategy, the more fierce, the sooner died. The strategy needs to be in no matter, expect to use 1 cents for the role of the main 100 yuan, it is difficult to get out of the realm of the poor, as a result of the low level of their own.

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