Monolithic capacitive contact operation

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        Now the market has a professional capacitive touch chip, chip manufacturers have now integrated into the processing of capacitive touch chip. This chip has the advantage of good stability, without the need for the development of the two can be directly used. There will be a variety of chip on the interface, or with a single chip or driver control circuit. Defects are too high and not easy to buy, and the advantages of the contact chip, the disadvantages of the fatal. If you can not buy in the usual electronic market, perhaps a 4 bond contact chip to spend 30 dollars to buy, then how many lovers can really be able to easily? Well, can we have a very good plan, we can not use any other way to complete the operation of the capacitive contact? In order to complete the simple circuit with the single chip capacitor contact operation, I was a lot of effort. The results is for me, no sweat in vain. First, I discuss the principle of capacitive contact skills. Because I need to start from the principle point of view, to see the same principle in the case of any way to use a single chip microcomputer to imitate contact. In fact, is the use of the capacitor through the communication of the characteristics of the DC, the fingers and the contact piece as a capacitor two pole piece, the insulation material between the fingers and the contact piece is the capacitor in the barrier medium. It also requires a communication signal source of the contact piece, so that it is parallel with the signal input of the contact piece. A communication circuit is formed when the finger is pressed to the contact area. The input terminal of the contact chip can receive the signal which is the same as the communication signal source. The characteristics of this signal change with the thickness of the finger contact area and the thickness of the insulating medium. Imagine, with the imagination to build a single chip test platform, with the PWM function of communication signals, and then ADC function as a signal to the input of the input signal to read, use the RS232 serial port and serial port assistant software to download the ADC.
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