Capacitive touch screen AD player

time:2016-06-16 15:12 Edit:admin

    With the launch of Apple mobile phone of Apple Corp, capacitive touch screen intelligent mobile phone and tablet PC era comes, which brings about  capacitive touch screen industry around the world. At present, the new mall touch screen is inductive LCD device, which can be used to replace mechanical button panel. With the help of LCD, it can create vivid audio and video. The new touch screen has large influence on the traditional industrial touch screen due to its convenient application, durability, fast responsiveness and the advantage of saving space. New touch screen makes the traditional industrial touch screen market of the first quarter of 2015 depressed. For outdoor media, the traditional outdoor media is different from the new outdoor media. The characterictics of outdoor media are: outdoor advertising media has smaller chance to get in touch with people compared to television, Internet, newspapers and other media. The capital investment rate is low. Therefore, customers are more willing to give priority to a higher  rate of touch control media.
    Outdoor new media has some advantages compared to traditional outdoor media. Advertisement becomes more useful because of the higher participation of advertisement. Compared with the traditional outdoor media, the new media has a two-way interaction with the consumers, the interaction is more easily to arouse the audience's brand awareness and response. Outdoor new media Trademanager can make customers enhance degree of participation in advertisement, providing more exclusive promotional activities for cuctomers, lessening the distance between customers and the brand. What's more, customers can download via coupon, and use two-dimensional code scan the products they like, which is converted into the terminal procurement action. Advertising information is easily affecting audience's policy. In the era of the great explosion of information, media positioning becomes more and more important and clear. Each media must continue to focus on the audience. Compared to the traditional outdoor media, outdoor new media is more easy to convey message to the targeted audience. For example, a piece of outdoor advertising faces a lot of people of all walks of life. Even the crowd stay for a while, it is difficult to ensure that every person that see the advertising signs information is the targeted consumer.

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