Development trend of supply chain for intelligent applicatio

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Nowadays, the iPhone is prevailing, capacitive touch screen technology  is mature and stable, iPhone gave us new understanding to smartphone. It gives the user the concept of intelligence and system, aesthetic design, together with its universal touch skills in a larger scope. Originally touch skills, has been carried out for a long time before the time of man-machine interface industry, iPhone is officially opened the massive prelude. The origin of touch technology can be traced back to 1982, when the University of Toronto developed the first perception of the finger pressure of multimedia touch screen, successfully completing the development of multi touch technology.
Although the skills are improving continuously, a variety of different application of touch skills in the application level are remaining in the small planning period regardless of any skill, not known to the public. Until 2007 the Apple Corp successfully launched the iPhone mobile phone, which makes this skill known constantly.
Touch skills now have a great consumer shopping malls, the same, due to their leading skills and close to the consumer's operating philosophy, in the future has a boundless potential, and presents the following trends.
Skills patent is the key factor to develop the touch control skills. The development of the product to carry out the touch sensitive skills, and can not touch the patent doubt of the touch skill. Just touch technology in which the projected capacitive panel on the patent more than 100, and the first master of these patents in the United States Synaptics (Xin Si), Apple (Apple) and Taiwan up to the scientific and technological hand, and then it is difficult to intervene in the space. How to break the patent barriers, develop the skills, it is the key to the development of touch skills and the ability to avoid the doubt.
Along with the rapid development of the industrial chain in recent years, the market has formed a serious oversupply situation, leading to the vicious competition, the single product profitability straight down. Major manufacturers in order to obtain a higher profit, most of the strength of the manufacturers with the cost of planning combined, touch display skills to touch all the industrial chain, so the development of touch display skills to carry out the combination of the industry chain of the upper and down. For example, in the display of goods on the data, the upper reaches of the skills in Europe and the United States, Japan, the Japanese industry, the middle reaches of the data processing in Taiwan, Japan and, the downstream face of the joint, press and test, the end of the Taiwan and the mainland. The increase in the production of the display of goods to carry out the plan, will affect all of the downstream industry chain positioning and restructuring.                                                                                                           

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